why facebook algorithmes suck

Earlier today I performed at the Brussels Poetry Fest in the René Magritte Museum.
While performing there I took a picture of a surrealist magazine Magritte contributed to.
Earlier this evening I uploaded this pic along with a number of other pictures I made of the poetry performances in the museum into a Facebook album.
While uploading the pictures my account suddenly got blocked.
And I was informed that the above picture was removed.
I also had to swear that “I confirm(ed) that I do not have (any other) nudity or inappropriate content in this album” before I could upload the other pics.

That kind of bullshit triggers the annoying kid in me.

So I wanted to test: how much censorship does Facebook need?

Well…aparently not a lot, but still too much.

First of all I posted to original picture again, but not in an album, just on my timeline. I got censored within a minute.

Next up I posted the following picture that has 2 nipples (but not the whole breast) censored.

IMG_0816_LI (2)

That went perfectly well.

Next I posted the following picture with just 1 nipple covered.

IMG_0816_LI (3)

That got cesnored & removed in no time as well.

Next I posted this pic: 1 nipple (but not the breast) covered & I added a black dot next to the second nipple (that was a trigger to censor the previous picture). It was not removed.

IMG_0816_LI (4)

To conclude:

You can not show collages showing 2 breasts and 2 nipples. That’s obscene.
You can not show collages showing 2 breasts and 1 nipple. That’s obscene.
You can show collages showing 2 breasts, 1 nipple plus a nipple with a wart or a pimple close to it.

In other words: as long as it’s not a 2 breasts ànd nipples the FB-fuckers are pretty chill.
The bad news is: the FB-fuckers are poor suckers because of that. It’s 2017 and it’s fucking art history, Suckerberg!